Friday, November 12, 2010

Chemistry Exam Review Question

27)How many significant figures do each of the following have?
a)50.01cm- 4 significant figures
b).00120cm- 3 significant figures
c)82,400cm- 3 significant figures
d)33 students- This has unlimited significant figures because the number of students can be counted exactly and is not measured
e)100.001cm- 6 significant figures
f)the product of a times b- 50.01cm(.00120cm)= 0.0600cm^2-3 significant figures
g)the sum of a and c- 50.01cm + 82,400cm= 82,450cm- 4 significant figures


  1. Hey Ryan!
    All you answers are very clear. I think you answered the question perfectly. Just to review, when adding numbers- there can only be a certain number of sig figs after the decimal in the answer. When multiplying numbers- there has to be a certain number of sig figs in the whole answer including the numbers before and after the decimal point. Great job!

  2. I agree with Puja, your answers are complete, but an explanation of how you arrived to your answer would have been nice to help reinforce our skills.